Welcome to The Yellow Book Shelf!

I am Anamika Agnihotri.

I am a grown-up whose love for children’s books refuses to die out.

I am also a mother of  a 6 year old boy, D. Together, we began our relationship with the picture books when D turned 2. While he has moved on to chapter books, I am still glued to all our picture books.

My blogging journey started with my first blog ‘The Bespectacled Mother’ where I pen down our everyday growing up stories on a weekly basis, which also include me and my son’s discussions and quirks around the books we read.

After blogging for over 3 years, the next logical step had to be to start a fresh blog dedicated solely to picture books and chapter books meant for my son’s age group, talking about them and reviewing them. Thus, this space ‘The Yellow Book Shelf’ or ‘TYBS’ in short came into existence.

Which books do I review?

  • I review paperback and hardback copies of books. No e-books for now.
  • I review both Indian and International works in picture books and chapter books for the age group ranging from 18 months to 8 years of age.
  • I review books from my own collection as well as the books I buy or receive for review.

What makes TYBS special?

The book reviews on TYBS will not only present an adult’s perspective about a particular book but will also bring to the table a child’s likes and questions about the same.

The adult is me and the child is my son, D.

P.S. There are no ratings given to books on this blog.

For any queries, you can get in touch with me by mailing me at thebespectacledmother@gmail.com